The Institute of Sexual Research is a research and development institution whose mision is contributing to the development of the research on sexual and reproductive human life.

The main aims of the Institute are:

  • undergoing, inspiring and supporting the scientific research on human sexual life,
  • collecting scientific literature and documentation in this area,
  • promoting sexual education, counseling and various forms of therapy;
  • contributing to the international cooperation in the field of sexual research.

Activities of the Institute includes:

  • conducting scientific research and research and development;
  • material, substantive and organizational supporting a research of other people and institutions;
  • publishing a scientific and popular science literature, and supporting publications of this kind of other authors;
  • collecting scientific documentation, including - books and periodicals, a photographic, audio-visual and plastic documentation, as well as computer data sets;
  • providing and supporting sex education, counseling and various forms of therapy.